Daisy’s Ricefish 20+ eggs (Oryzias woworae)


Comes in bag of 20+ eggs with hatching instructions and first food

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Daisy’s Ricefish or Oryzias woworae is not so common in the hobby. It is an exceptional fish species that is perfect for the nano aquarium due to its very small size. Females externally hold onto their eggs for a period of time after they have been fertilized.

This is interesting to watch as they swim around with  10-20 eggs dangling from the genital pore like a tiny grapelike cluster of caviar. These are later detached onto any available plants, where they will continue their development, eventually hatching into free-swimming fry within a week or two.

Daisy’s Ricefish prefer small frozen foods such as baby brineshrimp, daphnia and mosquito larvae. Over time, some aquarists find that their fish will also take dried foods.