Neon Green Lampeye 20+ eggs (Poropanchax Luxophthalmus BCP 18-13)


Eggs come delivered in peat moss, hatching instructions and Artemia Salt mix as a first food.

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The Neon Green Lampeye has changed its scientific name over the time. Its synonyms are Poropanchax Luxophthalmus or former Aplocheilichthys luxophthalmus.  It orginates from Western Africa and lives in small rivers and brooks in the swampy rainforest on the coastal plains of Togo and Cameroon.

It is a schooling fish and should be kept in groups at least of minimum 10 fish. Best to have less males than females as the pressure on the females is less.  A minimum of 20 litre tank for a small school of Neon Green Lampeyes is recommended. Densly planted is an advantage as well, but leave them room to swim freely.  Keep the tank dark, you can add some peat moss to color the water a bit and enhance their beauty. Water temperature should range between 22 to 28 degrees, if you want them to breec stay at the higher ends of the range. Males and females  can be easily distingushed by their anal fin. They are quite shy and not well suited for a community tank.

They prefer hard to medium hard water which makes them more healthy than too soft water. Some recommend to add a teaspoon of salt, but they can be kept also without salt.  They feed on freshly hatched brine shrimps. The Neon Green Lampeye hardly accepts flake food, occassionally they take tiny frozen food.

Spawning takes place in fine structured plants, more efficient is to provide a spawning mop and collect the eggs and raise them in a separate container.