Hatching Instructions Aphyosemion And Fundulopanchax Species

After you have received your eggs, put all the content of the package into water. The date on the bag is the date of collecting. Prepare a container of plastic or glass with about 2 liter of water ( soft to medium hardness) and fill it 2/3. The Water level at the beginning should be about 1 inch or 2 -3 cetimetres to enable the fry to get to the surface to fill the organs with air.

No air bubble, no heater, room temperatur is good enough, aout 22 – 24 is perfect. Cover the container with a towel as the eggs are light sensitive. When the first has hatched you can uncover, the remaining eggs are now developed enough to not be sensitive to light. Be aware that not all hatch at the same time, hatching can stretch over a period of 2 weeks.

Most Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax are big enough to take Artemia Nauplia as a first food. Feeding two times a day is perfect. You can add powder food as well to get them used to later flake food.

As soosn as the fry get 0.5 centimetre in length you can move them to the normal tank.

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