Hatching instructions Nothobranchius

When you receive the package have a look at the date on the bag. It indicates the collection date. They are ready to hatch 2-3 month from the date on the bag.

There are 2 methods to hatch:

A) After the 2 – 3 month you put them in water. Wait 48 hours, the ones that hatched put in an extra container, the rest of the peat moss dry again and wait another month, then wet it again. You can do so 3 times.

B) The more complicated method is the ckeck of the eggs. This is a method for the more experienced people as it is necessary to find the eggs in the peat, which is tricky, especially when they are ready as they are blackish and can hardly e found in the peat. Have a look at the eggs with a magnifying glass and see if something moves. If yes they are ready to water.

Storing if not ready: If they are not ready to hatch, open the bag to let air into the bag. Keep them moist but not wet. Store the bag dark and cool around 20 degrees.

When they are ready the content of the bag gets into water. About 500 microsiemens is good. The container should be from plastic or glass with a content of about 1 litre of water. Do not cover the container. They hatch between 24 and 48 hours. From here do as described in A)

Start feeding with Artemia Nauplia or similar live food twice a day. When they are 0.5 cm, that is usually after a month, they can move to the fish tank.

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