Spectrolebias Brousseau BFB 12-08 (30+eggs)


Comes in bag of 30+ eggs in styrofoam box

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Spectrolebias Brousseau is an annual South American Killifish. It is described from a temporary pool from the upper río Mamoré basin, Departamento Santa Cruz, Bolivia. These annual killifish are endemic to seasonal waters (like pools) in the Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

It is not for beginners. It needs a temperature of  22 – 28 degrees and should be kept in a tank at least of 40 litres. It spawns in peat moss which must be as deep as its body length if you want to spawn them, which is not easy at all.  Incubation of the eggs are between 3 – 10 month and should be stored in peat moss kept moist at a temperature of about 20 degrees. When they eye up you can water them at around 24 degrees and a conductivity of 50-80 microsiemens, which is almost pure distilled water.