Threadfin Rainbowfish 20+ eggs (Iriatherina Werneri)


Comes packed in peat moss with infusoria pellets as a first food.

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The Threadfin Rainbowfish originates from Australia to New Guinea. They are found in clear, slow flowing streams and grassy wetland swamps. They live in heavily vegetated areas in small schools at a depth of about half a metre. Temperature ranges from 22 – 28 degrees.

They should not be kept in tanks smaller than 60 litres and less than 5 fish, best more females than males. They need warm, around 25 degrees is perfect and love soft water, about 200 microsiemens is good.

The threadfin Rainbowfish is a very peaceful fish, even a bit shy, that is why the tank should be planted hevily to provide shelter and hiding facilities. Although they are not a real community tank inabitant, they can be kept with other rainbowfish, smaller ones, like all kinds of Pseudomugilidae. They are not difficult to breed but raising the ry is challenging.

Their diet in nature consists of algae, in captivity they take freshly hatched artemia Nauplii and micro worms, red mosquito larvae if they are larger in size are not taken. They also do not like flake food, only fine floating powder food is taken, which they get from the water surface.

Spawning takes place in the upper temperature range of 26 – 32 degrees. They accept a spawning mop on which they spawn readily. The mop is moved to a separate tank and the eggs hatch after around 12 days. They also breed in their standard tank, but hardly any fry will survive.

Raising the fry is a challenge, kept in a little plastic container you can control their groth and feeding habit. Use special food for egg laying species, which you get in a pet shop, there are several brands aailable, or feed them spirulina powder the first days, After a couple of days they take freshly hatched brine shrimps if they are a very small sized kind. (Not all Artemia are equal!)