Welcome to the World of Killifish. For some reasons killifish are not as popular as other species although there are quite a lot of very colorful species and a variety of breeding habits. They are quite smallish and thus very well suited for nano fish tanks.

When you visit this site you most likely are experienced in killi keeping and are about to start breeding your species. Then this site is for you. I am not an expert, but experienced in breeding different killies and rainbows for several years.

This site provides you with information that are based on my experience in this hobby. I will publish my breeding succes as a diary for different species. At the moment I have 50 tanks with different species – growing – and I will publish every step I did to successfully (or not) breeding these different killifish species.

I will also offer eggs in my shop when available.

So enjoy reading and I hope you will get out something for your personal breeding success.

Killifish Breeding
Killifish Breeding of Aphyosemion

My Killifish Breeding