Aphyosemion Australe Gold

Aphyosemion Australe Gold belong to the genus of Killifish. It is also know as Lyretail Killi or Lyrtail Panchax or Cape Lopez Lyretail. It originates from Gabon, namely from Cape Lopez.

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Aphyosemion australe gold

They come in different colors like chocolate, gold and orange. Their size can reach up to 6 cm whereas females are a bit smaller. They are a perfect fit for nano fish tanks, a trio can be kept in a 30 litre tank.

It is said to be a beginners fish which is true as they are easy to keep and easy to breed. They spawn in almost every water, but prefer soft water at around 200 to 500 microsiemes. They spawn in aquatic moss but also take a woolen mop as spawning oportunity. If they spawn in the tank only very few survive but enough to keep the population steady. If you like to give young fish away, you need to do the spawning mop method, collect the eggs daily and raise them in a seperate container. Temperature should range between 22 and 26 degrees, which is also there prefered spawning temperature.

They can be kept in a community tank with fish of similar size and are quite peaceful. If kept with other species a minimum of 60 litre fish tank is required. You can feed them flakes, frozen food or live food, of course they prefer live food. They are not shy at all and come to the front screen when they expect to be fed. Although they are not jumpers, just to be safe – I would keep them with a cover to avoid a disaster.

If you want to get into the hobby this species is perfect to begin with. You can try to get the fish in your local Pet Shop or order eggs from here or from Aquabid.

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