Epiplatys dageti Monroviae

Epiplatys Dageti Monroviae belongs to the most popular fish in the hobby. Due to its beautiful colors and its small size, it hardly gets 5 cm and due to the fact that it is suited for community tanks it is thus popular.

epiplatys dageti monroviae

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It can easily adapt to different water conditions, but for breeding it prefers water changes every two weeks. The red chinned panchax as it is called commonly has an average life span of around three years. The subspecies Monroviae differs from the normal form by its 6 bars on the flank instead of 5 and the red throat in males. This subspecies originates in Liberia near Monrovia.

Spawning is easy, just use a wool mop in the tank and they will spawn into the mop, if you hang in more of them, they even lay more eggs. In the tank only a few will survive, as they eat their own fry, but if you hatch them seperately, survival is quite good. Critical are the first days as they need infusoria as a first foods, but if you provide some aquatic moss from a cycled tank, they will find enaogh food for the first days. Later you can feed them live brine shrimp.

Usualle they hatch within 3 weeks, depending on temperature, the warmer the faster, if you keep the temperature around 25 degrees sexes are more even. Sexing happens after 12 weeks. They are rather shy but get used to the keeper soon and will wait for their food in a corner of the tank. They tend to jump, so a covered tank is necessary to prevent the worst.

Epiplatys dageti Monroviae lives beneath the water surface from where it takes the food in nature. It likes floating plants and a well planted tank in general to have hiding places.

They feed on live food of course that is what they prefer but also take frozen food, like red worms and cyclops, but flake food as well.

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