Poropanchax luxophthalmus

The Poropanchax luxophthalmus originates from Western Africa in the coastal plains of Togo and Cameroon. That sounds far apart but actually it has two large distribution areas. One is the area of Nigeria and Cameroon, the other one in Benin and Togo. In nature it occurs often together with Epiplatys grahami, Epiplatys chaperi and Aphyosemion bivittatum. They are freshwater fish and are found in PH between 6.0 to 8.0. Their water condition is soft to medium, a dH range from 5 to 12 can be found. Water temperature ranges from 22 to 28 degrees.

Poropanchax luxophthalmus

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Their diet consists of worms, crustaceans and insects. It is not a seasonal fish and not a beginners fish.

Poropanchax luxophthalmus breed in soft to medium water and ph must stay above 7.0. They spawn in fine structered plants and have short fine sticky thread which makes the eggs almost glue to the plants. The eggs are very tiny, less than 1 mm in diameter. They hatch between 10 – 14 days and feed on tiny insects.

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