Iriatherina Werneri

Iriatherina Werneri is definitely the most beautiful Rainbow fish. It lives in tropical Australia and New Guinea. The shape and color differ slightly depending on where they occur. Specimens found in New Guinea are usually darker than the Australian variety.

Iriatherina Werneri

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Iriatherina Werneri are found in clear, slow flowing streams and rivers. They are found in swampy grassland plains as well, both habitats are heavily planted and good structured. Young fish and females form large groups often around a branch in the water. Males are around displaying. Their natural habitat provides a lot of direct sunlight,

Their basic coloration is silver but the color varies greatly on health, diet and habitat and it is said that even rank in the school is reflected in coloration. They can get as large as 5 cm and have a lifespan of about 3 – 5 years if well maintained.

They are very sensitive to water changes. They prefer moderately hardy water conditions.

They feed on unicellular planktonic algae, diatoms, other vegetation, and small insects in their natural habitat.

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