Neon blue-eye 20+ eggs (Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis)


Comes in water with a salinity of 1.005  with hatching instructions and first food

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Neon blue-eye Rainbowfish can be  bred and raised  in both brackish and fresh water. Keeping and breeding can be done under the following water conditions: temperature 21-27°C, pH 7.1-8.5, conductivity 227-560 µS/cm, TDS 230-290 ppm and hardness 130-140 ppm. Most spawning activity was recorded at a temperature range of 25-27°C; pH 7.7 – 8.5 and conductivity 265-560 µS/cm. Many hobbyists, however, report that the Neon blue-eye will live longer, breed more freely, and produce more offspring if maintained in brackish water. 25-50% seawater made up with one of the commercially available salt mixes should suit them fine.