Aphyosemion australe gold 25+ eggs


When you receive the package you can start immediately. Put the content in a bowl with about one liter of water, about 3 cm water level.  Use water from a well cycled tank or rain water. Keep the bowlor container covered as the eggs are light sensitive. When the eggs get dark (eyeing up) they will hatch within a few days. Now you can uncover the container and slowly start feeding. They are ready to take live brine shrimp along with powder dry food. After 2 weeks move them to a well cycled tank as they grow faster in a larger tank. Per trio a minimum of 12 litres is recommended until they are 2 cm in length then you should move them to their final fish tank.

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Aphyosemion australe gold, also known as Lyretail Killis, are popular in aquariums for hobbyists. They are ornamental fish which are relatively hardy and adaptable. They are beautiful fish which tend to be easy to spawn and quite long-lived (3 years is not uncommon in captivity). They are omnivorous fish which eat a mixed diet of frozen, live and dry foods. The Aphyosemion australe gold are freshwater fish  and found in the west coast of central Africa.

Aphyosemion australe also refered to as Cape Lopez. These beautiful Killi’s need slightly brackish water and prefer a nicely planted tank. Due to their small size they are best kept on their own or with other smaller fish.

It can be kept with small community species such as Rasboras, Characins, Dwarf Cichlids, Corydoras, Catfish and Anabantids. Choose peaceful tankmates since this species of Killifish can be shy and may be outcompeted for food by more robust species.

PH should range from 6.0 to 7.0,  hardness soft to medium 0-6 dH or about 400 ms, temperature 20 – 26 C, moderate lightning, generally peaceful but can nip long-finned fish such as guppies and fighters, they can reach up to 6 cm in length, tend to be jumpers, planted aquarium with a strong, well-fitted hood, 30L minimum for about 6 fish,  floating plants.

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