Clown Killifish 20 + eggs (Pseudoepiplatys annulatus Kasawe Forest)


Package of 20+ eggs, comes withy hatching instructions and first food.

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The colorful stripes of the clown killifish, along with its small size of max 3.5 cm, make it great for smaller tanks. The name “clown killie” comes from their bright, almost garish coloration, reminiscent of the makeup of a clown. Their habitat is usually in shallow forest streams where the water is fairly warm , soft, and acidic. It is reported that the water where they are often collected is not moving, which would explain why they prefer gentle movement or none at all in the aquarium. Clown killifish can be kept in planted micro and nano tanks. Temperatures should be 26°C, with a pH around 6.0, and a total hardness of about 50 ppm with little or nothing in the way of measurable carbonates.