Spotted Blue-Eye (Pseudomugil Gertrudae) 20+ eggs


20 +eggd packed in peat moss and first food. Comes with detailed hatching instructions.

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The Spotted Blue-Eye Rainbow is one of the most beautiful fish that is kept in fish tanks. In nature it originates from Australia and New Guinea and lives in slow-flowing streams and ponds.

In the aquarium the water should be well cycled and filtered but with very slow current. Water should be soft, around 200 microsiemens and well- oxydated. It can also be kept in blackwater which can be achieved by adding dried oak leaves. It is very sensitive in fluctuations of water quality. The minimum amount is 6 – 8 fish to be kept together as they are schoaling fish, better is 12 – 14 fish, kept in a tank of at least 40 litres. The ground should be dark colored gravel or sand with some leaves on the bottom and pieces of wood to provide shelter.

The spotted Blue-Eye loves densely planted tanks, best are a combination of rooted plants and floating plants that dim the light a bit.  A ratio of 3 females to 1 male is the way you should go and a multitude of course. Tank mates should be of similar size.

They are omnivores and accept frozen food and flakes as well but prefer  live food if available.

Hatching is easy. Put the content of the package, eggs and peat moss in a container of about 1 litre of fish tank water,  soft water is the way to go and keep it covered with a towel as the eggs are light sensitive. After about 2 weeks the first fry will hatch. now you can uncover the container and you start feeding with powdered flake food and infusoria (infusoria pellets are included in the package).  You can put some java moss as well for providing micro organism as additional first food. After a few days you can start to feed live brine shrimp. When they have reached 1 cm in size you can put them in their already fully cycled tank.