Forktail Blue-eye 20+ eggs (Pseudomugil Furcatus)


Comes in a bag of 20+ eggs with hatching instructions and first food

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When creating a habitat for your forktail blue-eye rainbowfish, you need slow-moving water with a great deal of vegetation. Choose a 60 litre tank or larger aquarium and add a dark, fine, sandy, or rocky substrate. Consider it is a schooling fish and you should keep at least  6 of them. Live plants are necessary for this fish to thrive. Be sure the water is well oxygenated. Use a strong filtration system but one that doesn’t create too much turbulence.

The forktail blue-eye  rainbowfish is very active and is swimming, twisting, and turning in and out of plants playfully. It is best to keep two males together with four to six females to induce the most active social displays. Forktail blue-eye rainbowfish need many hours of time to acclimatize to a new tank environment. Quick exposure to different water chemistry and temperature can shock their systems. A great advantage  is their uncomplicated feeding requirement: they have almost no special needs. Choose flake, micropellets, and small frozen foods such as daphnia, baby brine shrimp and cyclops.